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Flat Tires in San Antonio

Our roads in San Antonio, Texas have been voted the worst out of the state.  TRIP, a non-profit Washington Based Organization, released a report stating “Deficient roads costs each San Antonio driver $1,426 per year in the form of extra vehicle operating costs as a result of driving on roads in need of repair, lost time and fuel due to congestion-related delays, and the cost of traffic crashes in which roadway features likely were a contributing factor.”  In plain English, the roads in San Antonio are horrible.  Really, if you don’t believe me ask someone who lives and commutes in San Antonio.

Flat tires are caused by some of these factors:

1.       Your tire is probably old…

On this sidewall of your tire, you can locate a four digit number which is the month and year the tire was manufactured.  You will not want to purchase tires that are older than four to five years and should not use tires that are around ten years of age.

2.       Your tires are not inflated properly…

When you drive, your tires become hot during your travels, and when improperly inflated they run even hotter.  The heat will cause a faster breakdown of the tires materials which will cause tire failure or a flat tire.  The is only one way to ensure your tires are properly inflated, and that is to use a tire gauge.  Please don’t rely on your TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) for an accurate reading of your tire pressure.  If used at all, use your TPMS to let you know if you are losing air quickly so you can address a possible flat tire or a tire blowout.

3.       Your Tires have deteriorated…

Many factors can cause a flat tire when your tire is deteriorated.  One reason is UV light from the sun, another is chemicals.  Did you know that tires have oils that are created to slowly leak out to protect the tire?  Also, did you know that aftermarket tire protectants can defeat the oils the tire manufacturer placed in the tire to protect it in the first place?  UV light can cause a tire to peel and crack.  Some cracking is expected, but should you see the inside materials of the tire it is definitely time to replace the rubber on your car.

4.       There is too much air in your tires…

When you over inflate your tires, not only are you limiting the grip the tire has to the road, but you are causing uneven wear on your tires.  This will cause the materials on the tire to wear much faster and cost you more money in the long run.  Look at your tire, or your car manufacturers recommended tire pressure.  You can also find this inside the driver side door frame.

5.       Your tires are damaged…

When you drive in San Antonio it is likely that sooner or later you will have a flat tire from a tire puncture.  An item that causes a puncture should be removed and patched from the inside of the tire.  A “plug” or a “worm” patch is nothing more than a temporary patch and should be taken to a tire shop to be patched from the inside.  If there is a puncture from the sidewall there is really not anything that can be done except purchase a new tire.  A patch to a sidewall of a tire is an extreme safety hazard, and can cause a severe accident.


Having a flat tire in San Antonio can be horrible, and can cause delays in your day.  Something that you can do is:


  1. Make sure your spare tire has enough tire pressure so it is ready should you need it.
  2. Ensure you have your jack, lugnut wrench, and locking lug nut key in your car AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Carry a can of tire sealant.
  4. Check your tire pressure routinely (once a week).

If you have a flat tire in San Antonio, call us at EZ Lockout & Roadside Service to assist in changing your flat tire with your spare.  We are open 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

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