Is a Bottle Jack Safe To Use To Lift A Car?

Is A Bottle Jack Safe To USe?

There comes a time where every person sooner or later will need to lift their auto to change a tire or perform some maintenance.  This question has two answers.  Yes, a bottle jack is safe to lift your car if used properly.  A bottle jack can be a very useful tool, and it has come in handy for our roadside assistance technicians when all else fails.  Let me warn you, if you do not use a bottle jack properly you can die from a car falling on top of you.

The key to using a bottle jack is having two jack stands.  While you are raising the vehicle, place the jack stand underneath the car so that if it should roll or fall the jack stands will prevent it from going to far.  A person who uses a bottle jack, and does not use jack stands take a very high risk of a car falling on them.  Never go under a car that is on a jack alone, or allow anyone (including yourself) inside the car while using a jack.  Not only can you be severely injured, it can cause quite a bit of damage to your car.

While you are lifting your car on a bottle jack, make sure you have your parking brake on.  Lift your car or truck slowly, and watch and listen to what is going on.  You will notice the jack start leaning to one side or hear movement as you lift the car.  If this happens, stop immediately.

In recap, a bottle jack is safe to use to lift your car up only when using jack stands in conjunction with it.  – (210) 598-7300

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