What To Do When You Have A Flat Tire or Blow Out In San Antonio (Or Other City)


A Flat Tire In San Antonio

What To Do When Your Car Has A Blowout or Flat Tire In San Antonio (or any other city)

A flat tire in San Antonio can cause a lot of stress when you are trying to get to your destination.  Here at EZ Lockout & Roadside Service we understand that a flat tire can ruin your day, and we would like to give you some tips on how to hand a blowout or flat tire in San Antonio or any road for that matter.

  • When you first have a sign of problems firmly grip the steering wheel.  Sometimes your first observation will be a low tire pressure indicator on your dashboard or you may not know until your tire blows out.


  • When your tire blows out you can either give your car a little gas to switch lanes to the shoulder of the road, or if you are near the shoulder slowly apply your brakes.


  • If you can make it off the highway (an exit, breakdown lane, or other area) do so to try to avoid a collision.


  • Do not stop in the middle of traffic or in an intersection, because this will cause a collision.


  • If you need to drive further down the road to safely get out of traffic, do so as it will not harm the tire anymore as it is probably already damaged beyond repair.


  • Open your hood, and if possible tie a white article of clothing to the radio antenna.  This allows roadside assistance technicians and police know you need help.


  • Do not stand next to, in front, or behind the auto.  Either stay inside, or if you can safely leave the area do so until help arrives.


  • Do not walk down a highway unless you see a safe place to travel to on foot, can do so away from traffic, and have a direct path.  Never cross a multilane highway.


  • If you decide to change your own tire, do so only if you feel that you are safely off the side of the road and far enough away from traffic.


  • If you are stuck in traffic, call police immediately.  They will take steps to remove you from traffic safely.  Remember the police are there to help you anytime you may need it.  In San Antonio police will often park their patrol unit behind you at night to allow light to change a tire and keep other motorists from hitting you.  They will also take you to a safe location off the roadside so you can call for help from there without the possibility of a collision.


Remember, safety first.  If we can be of any assistance with flat tire service in San Antonio, or any other roadside assistance in San Antonio, please feel free to contact us at the website and phone number below.  Please drive safe.


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