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On Monday, October 8, 2012, we were able to rescue a young child locked inside a car at the intersection of Ingram and Callaghan in San Antonio, Texas. It was a pleasure to assist a situation where a child is locked inside a car and reunite them with their family.

We offer completely free car door lock pop service when a child or a pet is locked inside a car or truck. Our priority in such a situation is the value of a life.

If you should ever have a child or pet locked in your car, or if you have locked your keys in your car, please fell free to give us a call to unlock your car.

Call Us Anytime (Day or Night) at (210) 598-7300.

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About Paul

Born and raised in the Great State of Texas. Completed High School in Midland, Texas, and went on to study Pre-Med for adult psychopathology at San Antonio College. During attendance at SAC (San Antonio College), EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance was created to assist with funding for college. The business demand grew, and Paul took running the business as a full-time occupation. EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance now provides San Antonio Roadside Assistance that they can depend on.