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Keep Your Spare Tire Ready!

Sooner or later every motorist has a flat tire while driving.  The important thing is to have the spare tire ready for when you experience a blow out or a flat tire for one reason or another.  The spare tire (AKA Doughnut) is located in most cars inside the trunk, and sits there for a very long time (hopefully).  The problem is that all tires typically lose about 1 to 2 pounds of air pressure a month.  (Most tires need about 35 PSI and the small spare tire (AKA The Doughnut ) need 60 PSI).  That means your spare tire could be flat when you need it most.

To prevent having a flat tire and a flat spare tire also is to check the air pressure in your spare tire about once a month.  The best time to check the air pressure is when you go to fill up on gas.  You will need to purchase a tire pressure gauge from any major store (Wal-Mart, Target, Auto Zone, etc…) for about the cost of a dollar or two.  This will let you know how much air you have in the tire, and will come in handy when checking your other tires also.

Follow These Steps:

1. Locate Your Spare Tire

     (mostly located in the trunk in most small cars, or under the rear of the car in larger cars.)  You may have

     to look under the carpet inside the trunk of your car.

2. Check The Tire Pressure MONTHLY.

     The tire pressure should be 60 PSI for a spare tire/doughnut, and about 35 PSI for a large full size tire.  I

      If you have a full size tire for a spare, you will need to see the inside of your driver’s side door to see

      what the recommended tire pressure is.

3.  Fill The Tire With The Proper Air Pressure

     As discussed above

If you follow these steps regularly, when you have a flat tire it wont slow you down much.  You can change the tire our and keep rolling down the road!

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