San Antonio Flat Tire Change


On October 16, 2012 while traveling down Harry Wurzbach in San Antonio, Texas I almost literally ran into a young lady who had a flat right in traffic. I understood she was probably trying to get home, and it was getting dark. I sprang into action!

She explained she didn’t have a jack, but she did have a spare. No problem! Grabbing my jack, impact drill, and a rush to get finished I began to change her tire. She explained she was leaking fluid, and a quick check revealed her air conditioner was working well with draining off condensation. She was relieved…

With the spare on, her PSI well, and her AC in excellent condition she was happy to be back on the road. Tire change was on the house, it was great to help out of generosity.

Hope you made it home safe!

About Paul

Born and raised in the Great State of Texas. Completed High School in Midland, Texas, and went on to study Pre-Med for adult psychopathology at San Antonio College. During attendance at SAC (San Antonio College), EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance was created to assist with funding for college. The business demand grew, and Paul took running the business as a full-time occupation. EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance now provides San Antonio Roadside Assistance that they can depend on.