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Keys Locked In Your Car? Call A Professional… Here’s Why!

You close the car door and suddenly you feel odd. It strikes you… “Where are my keys?” Then it really tackles you – the keys are locked in the car. It happens like this to thousands of people everyday. As embarrassing as it may be, you need to call a professional to help unlock your car.

I. Why You Should Call A Professional To Unlock Your Car

In the past, it was widely known that using a coat hanger could unlock your car. Not anymore. Auto makers have taken it upon themselves to combat easy car unlocking techniques. Not even the slim jim works anymore. Wait before you stick something down your door or even around the window. This is where people choose to do the most damage to their car. Personally, I have seen people use the most oddest items to unlock their car from spoons to roofing shingles (yep… your read correctly). This does nothing more than cause damage to your car. Let me explain… A gentleman locked his keys in hi 2011 Chevy Traverse, and acquired a “slim jim” to unlock his car. No only is this an improper tool, but it causes costly damage. When I arrived the gentleman took a last effort shove with the Slim Jim into his car door. When he pulled the cable up, it brought up many important wires from within the door. Expensive lesson….

Let me discuss another scenario to call a professional. A lady had a newer auto and wanted to avoid paying a professional to unlock her car. Upon speaking to another co-worker, that person said that they could unlock the car because they have done it before. This person took a screwdriver to pry the car door open, and tried using a coat hanger to unlock the car. The result? The lady had severe damage to the structure of her car that only several hundred dollars and a body shop could repair. Also, as it turns out, the co-worker was still unable to unlock the car despite all the damage that was done. Should this person called a professional in the first place, she would not have such a damaged car and would have saved hundreds of dollars in repairs. The lesson learned? Paying about $45 to have your car unlocked by a professional will keep your car in excellent condition.

Addition to experience to unlocking vehicles, professionals (true professionals) are insured against any damage they may cause in the process whereas you or your friends are not. If your friend damages your car, they will most likely say they are sorry and walk away. If you damage your car you will be very upset and wish you would have called a professional to begin with.

II. Beware Who You Call To Unlock Your Car

There are many people waiting for you to call them to unlock your car, but among those people there are scam artists. Be very wary to advertisements online that have cheap prices like $14, $15, $19, “as low as” or state they have 15 minute response(s) which only mean that they will contact you back in in that amount of time. This is just a bait and hook tactic, and when the service provider shows up, the money due sky rockets up towards the amounts of around $150.00 or more without so much as an explanation. Your call to these persons often go to a large call center out of the area where a unlicensed individual is dispatched out to assist you. From that point on it only gets worse. Look for a service provider locally who answers the phone not only friendly but with the The scam artists frequently demand cash, and is unable to give you a complete total of costs until they see the car. A professional accepts multiple payment options, and can give you a total over the phone in almost every case. These are warning signs that you should not avoid… Be forewarned…

I have been unlocking cars in my profession for quite some time. I unlock an average of about 50 cars per week locally in San Antonio, Texas. I offer this advice from my own personal experience.

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