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If you own a car, at some point you will have an incident where you will require to call for roadside assistance.  San Antonio has very unforgiving roads (and drivers I must add) which can be dangerous.  You want to get back on your way faster and so do we.  Here is what you can have ready when you call us!

Have The Car Information Ready

     What kind of car are you driving?  We need to know so we can be prepared before we arrive.

  • What year is it?
  • What make is it?  (Ex. Ford, Chevy, Dodge…)
  • What model is it? (Ex. Ford “Fiesta” or a Dodge “Ram”)
  • What color is it?   (We have seen it all… Even tie dye…)

Have Your Location Ready

     It helps to know where you are, because it really speeds things up when we travel to you.

  • Look for street names
  • Look for exit signs
  • Look for mile markers
  • Look for businesses
  • You can also tell us where you were coming from and where your heading..
  • Use Google Maps on your cell phone and send us a text message of your location.

     These tips will speed up the response time in assisting you with Roadside Assistance in San Antonio, Texas or any other location in the world!  Just that little information is priceless to a driver trying to locate you so they can help.  Otherwise, we have to guess and play the hide and seek game.

     Thanks for reading!

Paul Brown

EZ Lockout & Roadside Service of San Antonio, Texas.

(210) 598-7300


About Paul

Born and raised in the Great State of Texas. Completed High School in Midland, Texas, and went on to study Pre-Med for adult psychopathology at San Antonio College. During attendance at SAC (San Antonio College), EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance was created to assist with funding for college. The business demand grew, and Paul took running the business as a full-time occupation. EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance now provides San Antonio Roadside Assistance that they can depend on.

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