San Antonio Christmas Car Thief(s)…

I can happen in a matter of seconds…  A person walking by your auto, and suddenly they strike – breaking into your car.  A common tool used is a screwdriver to break the lock cylinder of your car.  Within seconds, the thief has access to one of your most expensive purchases which you thought was safe because it was locked.  The damage can range in the hundreds, but the haunting feeling stays for life.

When you leave your car – hide everything.  A thief will only break in a car if they know they will be able to steal something of value.  Out of sight – out of mind is a great rule to follow.  When you go shopping, put your items in the trunk or cover them up.  Park in well lit and seen areas, and always remember to lock your doors.  Put your GPS away, your iPod, any receipts  and other valuables or you just may not find them there when you return.

About Paul

Born and raised in the Great State of Texas. Completed High School in Midland, Texas, and went on to study Pre-Med for adult psychopathology at San Antonio College. During attendance at SAC (San Antonio College), EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance was created to assist with funding for college. The business demand grew, and Paul took running the business as a full-time occupation. EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance now provides San Antonio Roadside Assistance that they can depend on.