Signs Of A Dead Car Battery

Dead car battery replaced in San Antonio.

Dead car battery replaced in San Antonio.

Signs Of a Dead Car Battery

     If your reading this blog, you probably searched Google because your car won’t start and need to know if your battery is bad.  Believe it or not, you’re not alone.  Thousands of people Google the same term each day in frustration to see why their car, and if you read a little more I’ll help you find that answer.

1. Nothing Happens When I Turn The Key (No Sounds).

2. You Hear A Clicking Sound (Theres Just Not Enough Juice In The Battery).

3. Nothing In The Car Works (No Lights, Door Chimes, Remote Unlock, etc..)

4. A Jump Start Works (Try A Jump Start – If The Car Starts – And Continues To Run It Is A Battery Issue – If It Dies It Is Most Likely An Alternator Issue).

5. There Has Been A Temperature Change (Usually A Battery Will Fail When The temperature Outside Goes From Hot To Cold).

     How can you check to see if the battery really is the problem?  You can try a trick – turn on your headlights and try starting the car.  If the headlights turn off while trying to start the car – you need a new battery.  If you can get a jump-start, take the car to a local auto parts store and they will test the battery for free.  In some cases, but not all, there may be a loose connection to the battery or the terminals are too corroded to make a good connection.  In that case you can clean or tighten the terminals and resolve the issue.

     If you need a dead car battery assistance, please call us at (210) 598-7300.  We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to keep you on the road.


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