Cheap Ways To Take Care Of Your Tires

Tires are not only essential to driving your car, but they are just out right expensive. Why pay for a new tire when you shouldn’t need to? Instead of going outside to find your tire flat or endure a blowout on the road, we can help guide you through some easy maintenance. Let us give you a few tips on how to take care of your tires to make them last longer.

    Check Your Tire Pressure Often

Tire pressure is critical to proper wear and tear to your tires. Improper inflation of your tires will lead to uneven wear, lower gas mileage, and the risk of a blowout. You can find the manufacturers recommended tire pressure in the inside of your driver door of your car on a small sticker or on the tire itself. Oh, and don’t forget your spare either. Check the tire pressure in your spare because a flat spare tire never helps anyone.

    Rotate Your Tires

Sounds like a daunting task, but this helps the tires wear evenly so they last longer. Every 3,000 to 6,000 miles you need to rotate the front tires with the rear tires. Most oil change places offer this service free with an oil change, and it is a good time to remember to rotate your tires while you get an oil change every 5,000 miles (for most cars).

    Check Your Tires Rolling Direction

Some people laugh when you tell them a tire has a rolling direction, but it not a joke. Tires are manufactured to roll in a set direction in the way the tread was created. The tire will have a arrow pointing the direction it should travel. If your tire is not in the proper drive direction you are causing more resistance for the tire and the driving surface. This can also cause problems when driving in poor weather conditions.

    Drive Smooth(er)

When we say drive smooth, this doesn’t mean to turn up your radio and slip on some sun shade with the top down. What we are talking about is slowing down, braking easy (no brake checking or hard stops), and avoiding the bus lane filled with pot holes in San Antonio, Texas. You can hit the brakes hard at a stop avoiding a collision and just smell the rubber you left on the road. This just kills your tires, although sometimes it is unavoidable. Try to start and stop moving nice and easy… Treat your tires with love.

    Check Your Tire Wear For Replacement

This was going to pop up sooner or later in our list. Your tires need to be kept safe and legal. Did you know that a tire with 2/32 left of tread is considered worn out. You need to replace your tires when you have 4/32 or less of tread. How can you check this? Take a quarter and place the top of George Washington’s head into the tread. If you see the top of his head, it’s time to get new tires.

Following these simple tips can not only save you money but they may prevent a call to roadside assistance. Drive safe!

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