Why Your Car Won’t Start

You are ready to leave home, and as you climb in you car and turn the key – nothing happens. Suddenly your day just went from good to bad. Your blood pressure rises, heart starts racing, and you begin to ask why won’t my car start.

Most times the answer is a simple battery issue, and either a jump start or a new battery can resolve the issue. How will you know if it is a battery issue (or a good tow service)? Let’s try a few steps of elimination:

1. When you open your door does the lights inside the car turn on? Are they dim?

2. When you turn your key do you hear any sounds (clicking, or a sound like
the car wants to start)?

At this point you can try a jump start. If you have a completely dead battery, you may need another vehicle to provide the assistance. It is best to leave the other car running a few minutes connected to your car before trying to start your own car.

3. Looking at your battery (usually under the hood or in the trunk) is there a build up of corrosion? This is a white and green colored solid on the battery terminals and cables?

At this point you will need to remove the corrosion, and ensure the cables are tightly connected to the terminals. You can use a few different kitchen items to clean the corrosion. Vinegar is a great item or you can mix a teaspoon of baking soda with one cup of water. If you have a old brush (like a toothbrush) you can use that to scrub off the corrosion. You’ll want to first remove the cables from the battery if you have the tools (a pair of pliers or vise grips works good). If your caught in a place where you don’t have tools try your best to remove all the corrosion you can.

Unfortunately, if a jump start does not help at this point you will need a tow to a local mechanic. Most mechanics will diagnose your auto for free, and can pinpoint what is causing your car not to start.

If you need help with a dead car battery when your car won’t start – give us a call at (210) 598-7300.


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