Car Battery Replacement at Home

Car Battery Replacement at Home in San Antonio.  

Many people in San Antonio need a new car battery delivered and installed. Our team has delivered and installed hundreds of batteries since 2009. We are experts in car battery installations at home locations.  


What is Car Battery Installation Service at Home? 

      Car Battery Installation Service at Home is  a mobile service where a battery install technician will travel to your home and install a new car battery  we provide this service 24 Hours a day unlike regular auto repair shops.


What Will a Car Battery Home Service Technician Do? 

     A technician is trained in the removal and installation of a car battery. We replace car batteries in any make or model automobile to include Ford,Chevy, Fiat, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Dodge, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Audi, Land Rover, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Smart, Volvo, Lexus, Toyota and many more.

     The technician will arrive to replace the battery. The first step is to evaluate the battery being replaced with a car battery voltage test meter. The meter will test the battery CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to verify if the car battery needs to be replaced.  

      Secondly, the battery technician will ensure that the no start is not due to a bad battery cable connection at the battery terminals  the technician may attempt cleaning the car battery terminals should they require it  

      Third, the battery replacement will begin  the technician will begin removing the terminals and the battery retention brackets to ease the replacement process.

     Fourth step is the remove and replace the dead car battery with a new car battery.  This is usually the easier step.

     The fifth step is to replace all the battery rention brackets and the battery terminals. The technician will ensure the terminals are clean and suitable for use.  If the parts are corroded or uncleanable the technician will request permission to replace the parts and the additional parts cost.

     Lastly, the car battery repair technician will conduct a voltage test and a start test. A final test of the alternator is conducted and once completed the customer is given a walk-through if the completed work.  

Why Call San Antonio Roadside Assistance to Come to My Home To Replace a Car Battery?

     The benefits of our Car Battery Replacement Service at your home or residence is beneficial. There are no drives to the repair shop, no waiting in a waiting room, no pushy sales tactics, and the comfort of your own home. We work on your time and location.

     Our pricing is in-line for our car battery mobile replacement service. The normal fee starts at an average of $210 per a Car Battery Installation Service. The average battery costs $145 plus tax in a store. 

     We keep a in store inventory of all our batteries. It’s on hand when you need a car battery. With over than 60 batteries in stock we have the right battery for your car repair.  

     Our normal service appointment is 1.5 hours from the time you call. The car Battery Installation at you home averages about 30-45 minutes.  

     Our company is insured and we offer a satisfaction guarantee for every service we provide. In addition to our guarantee we offer car battery warranties from 1 - 5 Years in length.  

How Do I Know If It Is A Car Battery Replacement Problem?  

Play the video below to see if this is the sound you hear.  

     This video show a good idea of what thousands of Americans in San Antonio hear when am trying to start their cars. We call this the car battery rapid click of death. What is happening is that the car is attempting to start the engine and there is not enough Cold Crankkng Amos in the car battery to get the starter and the other car accessories going. The batter is dead and needs replacing.  


How Can I Have A Car Battery Installed at Home?

     Call us at (210) 598-7393 to schedule an appointment to install a car battery at your home or residence. We are open 24/7 to assist you with all your car Battery Installation needs.