How It Works


How Our Service Works

Call, Pay, and we're on the way.  simple, clear,and PRECISE.

Calling roadside assistance to come help you should not be hard.  Unfortunately, to be frank, it is.  Use your phone, internet, facebook messenger, click this, click that, pay here, pay there, and then of course wait.  Wow.  What happened to just calling someone to come help you on the phone?  It is still alive, and we love it.  Yes we set up service on our website, text message, and email but the phone is irreplaceable.  Call our office and talk to a human.  It started like that way back in 2009.  You would call me at 2:00AM and I would wake up, reach over, look at the clock, and answer.  After that I was the person who drove to you.  Simple.  Due to the things over the years we changed the way things were done. Especially cash calls.  

Now, we have a simple routine to get help.  Call, Pay, and we're on the way.  Yes, even at 2:00AM we are still on our way.

The truth about insurance roadside assistance

It is a profit to the insurance company, but to the customer it is horrible.  You need to see what happens behind the scenes.  The insurance company chooses the cheapest service to come assist you.  You may wait a few hours but it is free.  The guy driving that truck to you just made a few dollars that probably couldn't pay for a tank of gas.  The usual insurance call is about 30 dollars.  We don't take insurance calls because they do not have our company's interest or our customers interests in mind.  You can however call anyone you want to use, get a receipt, and submit it to the insurance company for reimbursement.  The insurance company hates that.  If you are able to afford the service call you will be happier with the service.  My wife rode with a tow truck driver recently when we had a flat tire.  I decided to ask her to see how the other companies do.  The driver was late, smoked in the cab, had loud rap music on, and had no clue as to who a customer was or how to give service.  That was here in San Antonio, Texas.  Lesson well learned.  



Refund policy

We expect at times that someone will be unhappy with our service from time to time.  If for some reason, God Forbid, we provide a quality of service that falls below our standard we will refund every penny of your service call.  To ensure this is not abused, we reserve the right to review all claims that may warrant a refund.  

There are no refunds.  If you cancel before a technician arrives, we will charge a trip charge equal to percentage of our arrival.  Example, if our driver was 50% to the given location we will refund 50% of the service call amount.  

Unforeseen circumstances may cause a price increase in service.  For example, a damaged tire that is un-repairable may cost more due to escalating the service from a tire repair to a new tire install.  We will inform and ask permission before proceeding.

All online pricing is for locations Within 10 Miles of our base location.

We try to do the best we can in pricing.  Most of our customers are well within San Antonio, Texas.  Those outside the 10 Mile radius we reserve the right to charge a higher price due to time or distance.  We will however tell you this upfront and get a verbal agreement to the service and a pre-payment.

Competitor pricing

We do not price match any competitor.  We are trained and experienced in what we do to keep San Antonio moving.  We love what we do, and we just ask that we be paid an honest wage for honest work.  


We LOVE San Antonio.  A car breakdown shouldn't keep you from working, traveling, drinking a cup of high priced and highly explosive cup of coffee, visiting a friend, going home, shopping, or whatever else drives you.  Get it?  Drives you?  Call us if you need roadside assistance.